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In 2011 we established a partnership with Diplomat Distributors Ltd. in an attempt to become the leading company for distribution and marketing of Asian food products in Israel. The new merge is named Rakuto-Diplomat and is located in the Airport City in the center of Israel.


Rakuto Kasei Israel has been  operating for over 20 years and  is a leading company in importing and marketing of Asian food products, particularly the series of products manufactured by the Japanese company Kikkoman and its daughter company JFC.

Diplomat Distributors has been operating in Israel for more than 30 years and is a national leader in distribution, sales and marketing of consumer products. The company offer its clients full service of the supply chain, as well as advanced information technologies, logistics and infrastructure which ensure that we meet the highest quality standards. In addition, we offer brand building services by a team of creative, experienced professionals in the field of food and consumer goods.

Our joint company Rakuto-Diplomat introduces Asian food products into the Israeli  retail market as well as to restaurants, hotels and catering companies.

Our cooperation reflects both Rakuto Kasei's culinary expertise and the business professionalism of Diplomatic Distributors.