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Rakuto Kasei (Israel) LTD. was established in 1990 as a joint venture with Rakuto Kasei Industrial Co. Japan, a leading producer of enzymes. Since then, Rakuto Kasei Israel has developed and became a group of affiliated companies in different areas..

President & CEO: Dr. Roni Bornstein

Affiliated Companies

Our Team

Dr. Roni Bornstein
PRESIDENT & CEO bornstein@rakuto-kasei.com

Mr. Bornstein is the founder of Rakuto Kasei Israel since its establishment in 1990. Mr. Bornstein holds a B.A from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a Ph.D from Tel Aviv ...

Mrs. Michal Madmon
Vice President Finance and Human Resourcesmichal@rakuto-kasei.com

Mrs. Madmon joined Rakuto Kasei in 2005. since 2018 Mrs. Madmon was appointed to VP Finance and Human resources.. She brings to Rakuto extensive experience ...

Mrs. Olga Alkhine
Manager of Commercial Departmentolga@rakuto-kasei.com

Mrs. Alkhine is head of the commercial department and in charge of Export and Import activities. In additions she is in charge of the procurement division and customer ser...

Mrs. Hila Vaknin
Administration Managerhilav@rakuto-kasei.com

Mrs. Vakin works as the administration manager, taking care of all the administrative activity in the company. She brings with her years of experience in the field of management and...

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Contact Number +(972) 4 90 90 900
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